How Escrow Process Works

The role of the Escrow Agent is to act as a neutral third party to fulfill the terms of a Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement (PSA) and

How To Take Title In California

When a home is purchased by a husband, wife’s family, by a group of friends, by partners; there are various ways of holding the title for the property.

Who Pays For What – Escrow Fees

When a home is bought or sold, there are several fees, costs in different categories. Some are paid by sellers and some are paid by buyers. Who pays

Real Estate Investing Guides

Real estate investing is the best strategy for a happy retirement. For long term investors, generally with the inflation, population growth, limited supply of land, resources; property prices

Home Buyer Checklist

The home buying process, especially for first-time buyers, is overwhelming with many steps involved. It is easy to lose track of things and scramble at the last minute.

Home Seller Checklist

When it comes to selling, the process is more about ensuring all steps are followed, so that the home can attract a huge amount of buyer activity and