Frequently Asked Questions

why should we work with you?

We are highly experienced and local to the bay area. What we are offering is a full service, best experience you can expect working with a premium real estate service at a cost that is tailored for your needs.

We visit your home, guide you with the data, treat your home like ours, listen to you, take care of you each step of the way, provide support required with big financial decisions, work with full due diligence, give all the required time, attention, show care, present your home the best way possible, market it, negotiate every dollar you can get for the home, reduce overall costs and help you net the most from the sale. 

Expect care, top results while spending much less in selling costs.

why SOME agents charge HIGH % to sell home?

Probably they have more expenses, brokerage overhead, team commission splits, not utilizing the technology, modern practices and have to pass the costs onto you.

Buyers write best offer because they liked the home. We make your home a shining star with luxury vendors, staging, photography, videography & premium marketing.

DO YOU DO special marketing?

Yes. We market the home in several channels: Social ads, Google ads, Magazine ads, Email list marketing, Direct mail postcards, Display ads and others.

In this digital age; buyers are empowered with big portals like Zillow, Realtor.com and Redfin. Listing the house in MLS broadcasts it to all the real estate portals worldwide. Listing the home in MLS  is very important. MLS provides more than 95% of marketing exposure needed to sell the home.

Our Home needs updating. Do you have contacts?

Yes we have contacts, working relationship with many vendors and contractors. They can help from a small repair to a complete new custom house construction.

I am ready to sell. what is the NEXT step?

Start with listing your property as coming soon. This off market status is visible only to other agents. It helps to start pre-marketing while preparing the house for open sale. Contact us and let’s get started.

Let's work Together

Contact us for your next real estate transaction needs. You will be delighted with our first class service and results.

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